Montag, 19. November 2012

Vlooper aka NRV loopa - Snowloops

Und gleich nochmals Alaclaire Enselmble. Vlooper hat via Music Is My Sanctuary sein neues Album "Snowloops" an den Start gebracht. Das Teil ist 16 freshe Beats stark. Die Idee hinter dem Release ist laut Vlooper folgende:
“The idea behind the record was to freeze a moment in time. My wife Modlee just gave birth to our little girl (which inspired the song “Little Queen”) so I wanted to mark the event by recording the sounds that were floating around during the birth of our first child. “Snowloops” is on a space is the place vibe: some disconnected parts, some connected. I was trying to capture all the emotions surrounding that period… but like most of my productions, it’s made for night walks and headphone trips.” 
 Idee eins A vertont. Wer sich davon selbst überzeugen mag, der gehe für den Download bitte HIER entlang...

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