Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Heute Abend live am Sender

Der Kauz und Ruedi live am Set. "BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE" heute Abend ab 18 Uhr auf 107.2FM (Region Schaffhausen) und Webradio.

The Stuyvesants - Stoops, Parks & Rooftops
Lootpack - Answers
Big L - All Black
Nas - N.Y. State Of Mind
Fugees - How Many Mics
O-Flow - Masterpiece feat. Noy
Dramadigs - Scherben
Stieber Twins - Fenster Zum Hof
Ghostface Killah - Holla (Kankick Remix)
Afrob - Einfach feat. Meli
The Union - Baby Mama feat. Mani Hoffman
Jeru The Damaja - Da Bichez
KMD - Plumskinzz. (Oh No! I Don't Belive It)
Beastie Boys - Get It Together feat. Q-Tip
Geto Boys - Trigga Happy Nigga
Temple Of Speed - Track 4 (10 Tracks Vol. III)
Dexter - Apereal
Shuko - Duke Ellenbogen
Temple Of Speed - Track 5 (10 Tracks Vol. III)
Sylabil Spill & Twit One - Entengang
Rob Swift - The Ghetto
Kev Brown - Outside Lookin' In feat. Cy Young
The Roots - Lazy Afternoon
Freundeskreis - Esperanto
Quakers - Fitta Happies feat. Guilty Simpson & M.E.D.
Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (MF Kauz Remix)
Schaufel Und Spaten - Hubert feat. DJ Meta Zwo
Busta Rhymes - Keep It Movin' feat. Dinco, Milo & Charlie Brown
Masta Ace - The Phat Kat Ride
Black Eyed Peas - Fallin' Up
JR & PH7 x Brokn Englsh x St. Joe Louis - Bloody Sunday
Temple Of Speed - Track 7 (10 Tracks Vol. III)
Temple Of Speed - Track 6 (10 Tracks Vol. III)

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